Thursday, April 10, 2008

Got An Opinion? Share It

The best way to get free publicity for your company is to write weekly, bi-weekly or monthly columns. Every newspaper, magazine, web site and blog needs content. If you're sending them high-quality content for free, its very likely that they will use it.

Everybody wants to hear your opinions, especially if its controversial and refreshing. So whatever your expertise may be, use this to express yourself. If you are a business expert, write columns to express your viewpoints on the latest business issues that affect entrepreneurs. If you are a relationship expert, write columns with tips on how to keep a strong marriage. If you are a health expert, write columns to discuss the latest happenings in the health industry.

When you write your columns, be sure to include a tagline. A tagline is a brief statement at the end of your column that describes who you are, what you do, and usually includes a phone number and link to your web site.

When distributing your columns, be sure to fax and/or email them to the correct editors at various media outlets. Be sure to specifically target publications and journalists that are related to your industry. For instance, don't send a sports-related column to a health journalist.

Also, post your columns to FREE sites like,,, and These are web sites that thousands of editors and publishers go to when looking for free content.

Depending on your budget, consider distributing your columns as actual press releases through newswire services such as and

Doing any combination of these suggestions will almost guarantee you free publicity. Your phone should ring off the hook, and you should be able to drive more traffic to your web site to sell more of your books, DVDs, etc.

The key to making this a success though comes down to three words: High Quality Content. If you take the time to invest in some real meaningful juicy content, you will reap the benefits almost overnight.


  1. I'm going to start a guest blogging campaign to build traffic to my site.

  2. Great way to share opinions on controversial & eye-opening issues! Thanks for the inspiration.