Friday, March 13, 2009

The Rise and Fall of Warm Spirit

Warm Spirit was a national health and beauty empire based in Exeter, New Hampshire. Generating nearly $2 million a month in sales, they sold products that "heal, nourish, nurture, and restore balance - to mind, body, and spirit."

The company was one of the only Black-owned network marketing companies out there with more than 30,000 independent sales consultants. They sold more than 200 different products, and had a huge nationally-recognized brand. They received tons of publicity from local and national media, and were even a recent recipient of the 2008 Black Enterprise Emerging Company of the Year award.

Unfortunately, Warm Spirit no longer exists.

Rumors are that founder Nadine Thompson was forced out of her company - the same company she started by herself in her home basement. Things got complicated as she sought after capital to grow the company, and gave her business partner Daniel Wolf majority of the shares.

On her blog at, she writes: "It was my fault to believe in friendship and not force the equity to be put in writing. I tried but I was not forceful enough. That was my failing as a CEO. I should never have believed in combining friendship with business. I gambled on friendship and trust and lost 12 years of sweat and sacrifice."

Let this be a lesson for us all to always get things in writing, and always have a contract in place. People are greedy and selfish, and will do anything to destroy you.

Fortunately, Nadine Thompson has moved on and started a new company called Soul Purpose ( This company, similar to Warm Spirit, is a network marketing company that sells unique health and personal care products.

According to a recent press release, the company is doing extremely well and has already sold over $1 million dollars in products in less than 12 months.

Congratulations and best wishes Nadine! We all know that you will make a triumphant comeback.


  1. My mother is going through this right now! Not so much the friendship part, but the entrusting of her business to someone else who she believed she could rely on, and she believed that person had her back. Not so in the least! This person turned on her, ran her business into the ground and is constantly coming back for more (and by more I mean, she's still trying to find ways to get more money, take steal clients from her, sabotage her concept, threats etc.) It's a disaster that may end up in court. My theory is that because Nadine is a woman, and I am a woman also, so I'm not speaking misogynistically when I say this, but I think there's something less ruthless about a woman CEO/business owner. That's the hard part for leaders like Nadine and my mom...reconciling their desire to please, maintain friends and/or reward loyalty, with their need to be a hard-a** (for lack of a better term). As you said, people are greedy and selfish, and they'll turn on you in a minute. That's what happened with Nadine and with my mom. Yes, put everything in writing, Yes, protect yourself, and try really really hard NOT to mix friendship and business or naively believe your "loyal" employees really do have YOUR or your best interest in heart. Have an attorney, have everything documented. So glad Nadine made a comeback, hopefully after 3 years of a thorn in her side, my mother will be able to do the same.

  2. b4 posting this information you may want to get your facts straight..Nadine was a co-founder with Daniel...she did not start WS by herself in her basement. What went down with Warm Spirit had nothing to do with Nadine as she was gone for atleast a year or more b4 the company shut down. Lots of reps out there that loved the product, Nadine, and Daniel. Glad that Nadine has found her TRUE Soul Purpose she is an awesome woman and deserves her success.

  3. Hello Dante! Thank you for your blog on Soul Purpose and Nadine. Despite the above comment - your facts were mostly CORRECT! And at least you did go to Nadine's website to get her TRUE feelings.

    Yes she was FIRED from Warm Spirit by her so called friend Daniel Wolf who was the sole financial OWNER of the company. Nadine was the DREATIVE GENIUS behind the products and development. It is true that Nadine did not get her verbal agreement of her 51% ownership in the company from Daniel and she lost the company after trying to negotiate with him over those last 2 years. She did seek legal counsel and that is when it got ugly between her and Daniel.

    Neddless to say it was ALL GOD!!! He had a better plan for her - TO DO HER OWN THING - SOUL PURPOSE!!! It was a BLESSING and now she is a much HAPPIER person and we are on our way!

    The leaders of Soul Purpose are very proud of her accomplishments and we stand behind her 125%!! We all just came back from cruising the Mediterranean - all expenses paid by SOUL PURPOSE!!!

    A company that is just 1 year old and able to sell over $1 MILLION in product speaks VOLUMES about NADINE ABRAHAM THONPSON and the FABULOUS PRODUCTS that she ALONE has created.

    SOUL PURPOSE products are 100% BETTER than anything she created in Warm Spirit - SHE HAS REALLY DONE IT with these formulas, and our COMPENSATION plan id off the chain!! I am making more money with this company than I EVER did with Warm Spirit - and I was there for 6 years!

    Try the products and see for yourself!

    I love Soul Purpose - I LOVE Nadine - You will be hearing more great things about SOUL PURPOSE in the NEAR FUTURE!! Watch out - hear we come!!

    Angelia Williams
    Kona Double Diamond
    Aplha Leader

  4. on July 30th, 2009

    Warm Spirit’s “Restore” Juice Elixir passed a major test with me lastnight as I was in need of a non-caffeine based supplement to assist me with energy required to finish a company project. Needless to say, I experienced solid concentration and attention to detail well into the morning. I drank one small glass of water mixed with one teaspoon of “Restore” four hours after I trained in the gym for almost two hours yesterday!
    I did not begin to wind down until around 4:30am without crashing or the jitters. I am chagrined to hear, from a former client, the company no longer exists. What!!! Somebody do something!!!

  5. Wow, that was very interesting. I am glad Nadine has survived and moved on.
    I have my own personal care line as well. I have been a chemist and have formulated hair and skin care products for some very large companies in the past. We have now decided to make our own line.
    My wife and I own Asebella, Our line features green technology, it's hand made, full of natural ingredients, essential oils and vitamins. We formulate, manufacture, and distribute EVERYTHING we produce. This is very rare in the personal care industry. Most companies who do not have their own chemist buy products that other companies also use and put their label on them. Therefore, their products are not really unique.

    Asebella products have been available since May. People rave about the feel and smell of the products. We are most excited about the testimonies we have recieved after they use our products.
    We hope that we are continued to be blessed by the many customers we have now and in the future.

    It's a shame that Warm Spirits closed their doors. It's a bigger shame that over 30,000 people lost the opportunity to make money and serve their clients.
    If you worked or used Warm Spirits, Asebella will offer you for a limited time 30% off on all our products. Simply email us at

    Thank You
    Kevin Gross
    Sr. Chemist

  6. Glad the gentleman said he loved Restore because it may be coming back to Soul Purpose as "Revive". Look for more information to come soon.

  7. I loved the Warm Spirit Spiced Pear Body Gloss! Does Soul Purpose have something with that scent?

  8. Help I need to find the Essential Soap. Its the only thing I've used that could help with my exczema. Does Soul Purpose have anything close to the Essential Soap by Warm Spirit?

  9. Does anyone even still have inventory. I am going crazy looking for an oil they made that worked wonders.

    email me at

  10. Much luck to you, Nadine. I worked on the inside for Warm Spirit in Clackamas, when you gave the news that you were forced out as President. I was shocked, as you were an inspiration to me and I am glad that you bounced back and started your own thing. Thank you for the inspiration, Nadine, and I wish you much success.

  11. Im so late I just found out that you were out of business i couldnt believe it i had to doublecheck but i do wish you the best of luck with soul purpose and look forward to doing business with you there! nothing ever made me feel as good as your products...i hope it continues

  12. I can see that the demand is still at an all time high. I hope that Soul Purpose will meer those needs that the customers long for.

    best wishes
    Sherrie S.

  13. Look for Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in your area by accesing the locator on You'll be able to connect with someone to try the products for yourself. I believe that you will truly be blessed by what ou experience!

    Jill Washington
    Diamond Executive
    Soul Purpose

  14. All wisdom comes from God. I just glad
    to hear that both parties, Nadine Thompson
    and Daniel Wolf are still pursing their goals
    and hopefully respecting others.

    April, Your Fragrance Consultant
    Be a sweet fragrance to God and others!

  15. Thank you for the article Dante! I am so thankful that Nadine decided to make it happen BIG with Soul Purpose. I'll tell you, the door God has opened for her this time around is even bigger than the other door that was opened with Warm Spirit.

    We are getting geared up for our January Jump-Off events all over the country and it is such an exciting time for us!

    Being a Leader in Soul Purpose has it's perks and being able to help Nadine build this company is great! We are certainly building momentum and I am so looking forward to what's yet to come in 2010 and beyond!

    Tanya Fussell
    Diamond Executive # YNGSP673
    Consultant Website (order or join):
    More information with mini movie:

  16. I am a former Warm Spirit consultant and now a Soul Purpose Entrepreneur. Life constantly changes and sometimes for the better. I have garnered much more success with Soul Purpose and within a shorter time frame. Thanks to Nadine and Cheryl for their vision, personal commitment and professionalism--in word and deed. Anyone interested in coming on this wonderful journey with us please contact me.

    Audrey Wiggins YNGSP660
    Managing LifeStyle Entrepreneur

  17. This Just Breaks my Heart, you are all acting like the same people ill see on Sunday in their sunday best, Shame on you all for this behavior. Airing laundry for the "neighbors to see" and whats hanging on the line as they drive by, is "dirty Laundry" this is sad.

  18. I was glad to read the rest of the story, that things have worked out for Nadine. The company that I worked for had something similar happen. They brought in a third partner to help grow the business who miss managed the money quit paying bills (utilities)quit paying suppliers told customers they needed to find a new supplier, & all the while was still paying herself & her "people" that she had brought into the company Global Product M.F.G. went under. Beware Cheryl K. Holm is on the prowl with nothing but hype looking for the next meal ticket.
    Luckily the two people left have salvaged what they could, & have sacrificed everything they have to keep going.
    If anyone has a need give them a call in Everett Wa. Evergreen Label & Print.
    Every label made there is a culmination of care & commitment to detail.
    GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!!!!!

  19. Unfortunate story but with a positive and happy ending. Congrats to Nadine Thompson and her company Soul Purpose.

    @ Kevin Gross "It's a shame that Warm Spirit closed their doors. It's a bigger shame that over 30,000 people lost the opportunity to make money and serve their clients."

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  20. I just read this article and was sad and happy that Nadine lost her company but has found a new one. I love the body gloss oils especially the mango and that is why I was online looking for it. Hopefully her new company will carry the body gloss. Great article. Thanks

  21. I am just looking for some restore/revive... does anyone know where I can get some. Please email me at

  22. I have been checking to see if Warm Spirit had ever come back to life, I order a few years back for my husband's christmas and needless to say to my disappointment they had filed bankruptcy and did not get the products order or a refund; Now there is a website call Soul Purpose which I just place a pretty good order and pray that it is a legit company...I would hate to have another disappointing christmas. Congratulations and Many Blessings Nadine if Soul Purpose is truly you...My husband truly loved the Vetiver and the compliments that followed and he still ask about it to this day; so I took a chance and placed an order without him knowing and hopes he truly loves products from Soul Purpose.

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  24. Whatever the true story is, it is surely a story of trial and triumph. This sends the most complimentary message to ever person looking to go into (not only Soul Purpose)business.

    Aaron Yisra'El Bey

  25. would have been nice if the word was spread better. I was a consultant and I took a break durning the time all of this went on because I was graduating from college. I knew that I could come back to it at anytime (because that is what I was told). IMAGINE how I felt when I came back to find that the company had not only folded but not sent the word to me (or my recruiter rather never told me-not a call, not an email) so now the company has folded and where does that leave me but to invest more if I would like to (what I consider) thanks.

  26. Was Warm Spirit and GB Fashions affiliated?

  27. I loved Warm spirit I was a consultant for many years. I am looking forward to being a part of Soul Purpose Nadine is awesome!!!