Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Should You Have A Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook, the largest social network on the planet, allows you to create a fan page. Different from a typical profile page, a fan page is more customizable and is specifically designed to allow users to interact with your brand.

It's perfect for authors, speakers, actors, musicians, organizations, and companies, because by simply clicking "like", any Facebook user can easily and automatically join your fan club and become subscribed to your feed or wall updates.

So should you have one?

Yes, but there are some things to consider:

1) Develop a following beforehand.
It only makes sense to have actual "fans" before you decide to launch a fan page. These "fans" can consist of your blog subscribers, your Twitter followers, or even just a compiled list of friends and family members.

Many people are so desperate for fans that they are begging people who don't even know them to become a fan. This is silly, and makes you look amateur. Why not work on creating a reason for others to become a fan?

2) Learn how to engage your "fans".
Do you know what to do after you get fans? Many don't. There are people on Facebook with thousands of fans, but have no clue on how to monetize the situation. Come up with a creative non-intrusive way to market your product or services to your fans. Or use the opportunity to become a valuable resource to them, sharing good insight and content.

Remember that if they are not pleased with your feed updates, they can easily click "unlike" to no longer be a fan.

3) Stand out.
Obviously, there are hundreds of thousands of brands that have fan pages on Facebook. Your fans are not exclusive to you; they are likely also the fans of other brands - including your competitors. This means that you are competing for their attention.

To overcome the saturation and avoid being obsolete, you should think heavily about what to do with your fan page that will make you different and more innovative from the rest.


  1. Thank you for this information. I created a standard Facebook page before discovering the Fan page or as it is being called the "Like" page. Know I am faced with trying to get my Facebook friends to become fans and move over to my Like page. Good information as always.

  2. Great info to share...and I will be doing just that.

  3. Great Info Sir!

    Jeremiah Johnson Sr.