Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now That You're An Entrepreneur, Shouldn't You Be Rich and Famous?

So you're a business owner or entrepreneur or author or expert - whatever you want to call yourself. You've got clients, nice business cards, a few employees, and maybe even some office space. Maybe you've even been featured on TV and in a few magazines.

Colleagues see you as successful, but family and friends think that by now you should be rich and famous. They want to borrow money, and don't understand when you turn them down. Is that realistic though? Should all entrepreneurs be living like celebrities with money to give away? If you aren't living like this, does that mean you're doing something wrong?

Actually, the only people doing something wrong are the people who are thinking in that manner. Being a successful entrepreneur does not mean that you have to drive a Mercedes Benz and live in a million dollar home on the beach.

Rather, being a successful entrepreneur simply means that you have created a way of alternative income - aside from working for someone else. Whether you've created part-time income or full-time income for yourself, you have far surpassed the millions of individuals who will attempt to start a business - but won't generate any income at all.

You should celebrate the fact that you are even in the game, let alone in a country where there are business opportunities available for you. Don't be hard on yourself because you may not have reached celebrity status; the key is that you are still in business.

Anyone who has figured out a way (legal and ethical, of course) to get others to spend money with you, has done far more than any family member or friend may ever realize.

Business is not easy, and it is not straight-forward. If you create a company that does nothing more than allow you to eat and pay rent, you are a history maker and should be applauded.

Don't be mistaken though! I'm not discouraging you from reaching for the stars. If it's your goal to do so, do all you can to become the next Bob Johnson or Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. But until then, give yourself credit where credit is due - and ignore those spectators who have no idea how business works.


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  2. Your article is encouraging. I recived my MBA this year. I plan to have a big mens clothing store by June of 2009. I believe your bog and the comment on the blog will help me along the way. Newell