Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Economic Forecast From One Black Entrepreneur

For over 2 years, Bro. Bedford, founder of and author of Conversations With Black Millionaire Entrepreneurs has been warning of an impending financial collapse of the U.S. Economy.

With the collapse of the real estate market, the vanishing of some of the largest banks and businesses in the history of the United States, bailouts totaling over $1 trillion, the unemployment rate rising, as well as the price of food and gas being at record highs it is clear that his words were not empty.

When asked if this is the end of the economic slump, Bedford says, "The opposite is true, this is just the beginning of a long and painful transition from an economy that was once dominated by America to a global economy that is dominated by billions of people."

When asked, what he thought Black people should do to navigate this terrible economic environment. He comments, "We must become more entrepreneurial, and I'm not talking about implementing the business models that we see failing. I'm talking about learning how to market products or services directly to customers worldwide, affiliating yourself with similar entrepreneurs and doing joint ventures to cross sell and market products. These models are what is working and will continue to work in the future."

"From an investment standpoint I suggest buying silver and gold," he adds. Bedford has a Free Report discussing the fall of the U.S. Dollar and Black people being prepared located online at

To gain immediate access to an audio-MP3 and PDF transcript of the training of How To Buy Silver & Gold: To Protect Your Wealth and Savings, visit:

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  1. The best time to invest in silver and gold WAS last year or at least earlier this year when it was cheaper. It's pricey to get in now b/c those who saw the signs shifted before the crisis deepened.

    If you physically have large portions of gold and silver, and you need cash, you'll get a bigger bang per ounce now. By the way, silver and gold are not the only commodities that individuals should invest in.

    Entrepreneurship is definitely where it's at and will remain so! However, gotta make sure you 1. Learn how to circumvent economic decline to the extent that you are 2. Successful.

    Great article to read on entrepreneurship:

    Even though it addresses the entertainment professional, the principles are solid.