Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Do People See You?

People should see you as a helpful resource, not an aggressive salesman. Instead of being a walking billboard, you should be a walking encyclopedia.

Once you figure this concept out, you will see your sales skyrocket because consumers are motivated to buy from people who know (or seem to know) what they are talking about.

For instance, if you are selling insurance, you should be writing weekly columns and blogs to educate people about financial literacy, wealth, and other related issues.

You should regularly have free seminars for people to attend, and/or free teleseminars for people to call in to.

You should be sitting on a Board of Advisors that is related to your industry, you should be producing free audio/video content on BlogTalkRadio or YouTube, and you should offer some type of free consultation.

Most importantly, you should be the author of at least one book that's related to your expertise. And, you should be writing e-books and giving them away for free.

If people see you as an informational asset, and not just a pushy salesman, they will buy into everything that you're selling. Even more, they'll refer you to all their friends and family members.

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