Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama's Using Web Video - What About You?

President-elect Barack Obama plans to tape a weekly presidential address not just for radio listeners, as presidents have for years, but for YouTube Internet viewers, too.

The videos are part of his team's effort to build on a campaign model that helped him reach millions of voters online during the presidential race. It's a powerful electronic tool in new digital outreach effort aimed at supporters and others interested in being connected to the activities of the Obama White House.

The videos allow him to bypass the traditional media and reinforce his message online.

So what does this mean for entrepreneurs? It's quite simple - you need to start using web videos for your weekly or monthly entrepreneurial address. Just like Obama, you can post your web videos on YouTube.

Meaningful footage can consist of interviews, video blogging, public speaking engagements, and even Powerpoint presentations.

Don't be intimidated. You can buy a You-Tube friendly video camera from Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy. Secondly, it's incredibly easy to post the video on YouTube. You just go to and click on "Upload".

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