Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Southwest Airlines Adds New Destinations

My favorite airline, which also happens to be the largest one in the country, is the only airline that is currently expanding into new markets. In the past few months, Southwest began offering direct flights into three new cities: Minneapolis, Boston (Logan), and New York City (Laguardia).

This is a big deal for many entrepreneurs because a lot of big business goes down in these cities. Minneapolis is where Best Buy, Target, General Mills, and even 3M are headquartered. Boston is home to, Staples, Reebok, IBM, and more. New York, of course, is probably the biggest mecca of small and large businesses.

Flying to these cities via Southwest is your best option because they offer affordable pricing, don't penalize you for changing your ticket, and they have the best airline rewards program available. Just 8 round-trip flights earns you a free ticket.

Even better, you can earn points toward a free plane ticket by joining their Rapid Rewards Dining program ( - whereas you are rewarded for eating at certain local restaurants.

In my opinion, Southwest Airlines has one of the best public relations images ever. People love them no matter what, and always have good things to say. Their reputation is solid, and I recommend them highly when traveling for business.

And no, they did not pay me to say all this.

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  1. While I don't fly at all. I have heard others recommend this airline. They also recently received a favorable write-up in business week magazine.