Monday, July 27, 2009

Four Things An Entrepreneur Should Never Say

Nearly every time I'm networking at a business function, I run into people who say things that make me question whether or not they are legit. Here are just some of the things I have heard:

1) Our web site gets millions of hits. First of all, web traffic is not measured in "hits" any more; It's measured in impressions, page views, and unique visitors. Secondly, your web site doesn't get millions of hits. If it did, people would already know and you wouldn't have to broadcast it. Thirdly, I went to your web site before and the design sucks. There is no way a million people go there.

2) We real big right now. First of all, the proper way to say that is "we're really big right now." Secondly, no you're not. If you were "real big", I would already know and so would everybody else. Thirdly, what does that mean? Your statement doesn't mean anything. How are you big? Why are you big? Big in sales? Big in popularity?

3) I'm the hottest thing out. You're hot? Do you mean you're getting tons of publicity? Do you mean you're in high demand? What newspapers have you been featured in? Any radio and TV shows? Generally, people who are the "hottest thing out" don't have to tell people that because people already know.

4) I own my own business in network marketing. You might be making some money, but if you're in network marketing - you don't own anything. You work for somebody else. You're a contractor that gets paid on commission. Just tell people you "work in network marketing."


  1. That was a great post, Dante. I joined a local network group in Collingwood, Ontario called BNI and if I was to try any of those lines, I would be banished. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your sound advice!

  3. Hello Dante, my name is Jill Arrington, CEO of Beyond Your Horizons-6 Figure Mindset Business Coaching for Women of Color. I've rarely had the time to comment on anything I've read, but I must comment on your "4 Things Not To Say". I love it! You certainly shoot straight from the hip. I remember your name and website coming up quite a few times on the Internet when I was looking up Speaking Bureaus. I'm currently working on my website with a Business Coach, William Patterson, of the Baron Series. I'll be connecting with you more and following you on Twitter for your assistance in marketing my business and Public Speaking materials the right way, as well. Keep up the good work! You go Mr. Entrepreneur!

  4. I know you were being serious, but I was laughing so hard by the time I got to the third one because just not two days ago several .... did you hear that SEVERAL... people were saying the same thing to me.


    i real amused... LOL.

  5. I actually found this quite amusing as I have heard a few of the below statements as well as many others from "aspiring" entrepreneurs or business professionals.

    I guess the larger picture is that for many individuals, they are unknowledgeable about the proper "networking" and marketing etiquette. The "street" mentality often takes over their educational and rational way of thinking and doing business. Many people listen for buzz words that they don't quite understand the meaning of and in turn repeat those words to the next person they run into.

    I have been following and for several years, not long after the launch of my company, Ethno Brands, Inc., which houses Ethno Images, a stock photography agency, and most recently Illusive Creations Musichouse, a music production and sound design agency.

    Your editorials have been informative, entertaining and relevant to black professionals. Keep the knowledge flowing. We need more young black professionals.

  6. Great Savvy Insights Dante.

    Kamau Austin