Friday, February 5, 2010

Why Your Press Release Didn't Work

First off, you can't assume that your press release didn't work because you didn't hear from anybody. Many newspapers and magazines will publish your press release without telling you.

Secondly, many radio stations will briefly mention the content of your press release on-air without telling you.

Generally, you are only contacted if there is a problem with your press release, if you are needed for an interview, or if there are some unanswered questions.

With all that said, it still is possible for a press release to simply not work.

Here are some potential reasons:

1) Wasn't newsworthy
Perhaps, your press release did not have national appeal. Maybe it meant something to you, but nothing to others. Next time, make sure your press release is meaningful enough to get used.

2) Was too long
Maybe your press release took up too much space. It may have been considered for placement, but simply wouldn't fit in the space allowed. Next time, keep your press release short - no longer than 1 page.

3) Had too many typos and grammatical errors
Newspapers prefer to copy and paste your press release into their format without having to edit it. If your press release is poorly written and involves too much editing, it's easier for them to just find another press release. Next time, use spellcheck.

4) Not enough consistency
Like anything else, the human brain responds to consistency and branding. If you send a press release out once a year, you are not building your brand amongst journalists and bloggers. Try sending a press release out every 1-2 months, and they will be more likely to recognize you and/or company.

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