Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VIDEO: Angela and Vanessa Simmons Talk Pastry Business

Despite having a little bit of star power and the help of their Uncle Russell, Angela and Vanessa Simmons should still be fully credited for the huge success of their Pastry shoe company. Launched in 2007, their shoes already have distribution in over 15 countries and are generating millions in annual revenue.

The unique assortment targets junior girls and ranges from athletic, dress, and children’s footwear to apparel and accessories. They're even planning to launch a line of Barbie dolls. Using the theme of "self-expression", their ideas have turned out to be pure genius concepts.

Recently on Black Enterprise Business Report, the two sisters discussed how it all happened. They talk about how they identified a void in the shoe industry, how they jumped on the opportunity, how they took the initiative to make it "a reality", and how they hope to inspire others.

Here's the video below:


  1. Wow, I remember when they presented the four pair of shoes to their dad (Run) and their uncle (Russell). I thought it was cool that they were able to hijack Phat Farms designer to help them with their initial designs.
    Uncle Russ did not want to do it but their dad loved it (So did I). I though it was pretty cool to have that type of audience to present an idea to and to see it just 3 years become a 50 million dollar empire.
    Go Venessa and Angela! Stay tuned for Diggie and Jo-Jo.

  2. Heard you on WDBZ in Cincinnati today. Great information, my brother. I will get your book and add it to our list of gifts for our entrepreneur graduates at Smart Money Community Services. It always helps for folks to hear the same message they have heard for years from someone else outside their regular circle. Thanks again. Let's stay in touch; I have been teaching entrepreneurship for years, high school and college, and a good friend of George Fraser's (Did a workshop last year at Frasernet in Atlanta) . We must continue to spread the word on Entrepreneurship. My website: and my number is 513 489 4132. Thanks. Jim Clingman