Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: "Doing Business In China For Dummies"

If you're interested in an authoritative guide to understanding how to do business overseas, this book is a great start. Whether you plan to do business in China or another country, this guide offers a lot of valuable information.

Written by Robert Collins and Carson Block, it covers all the basics, from the nuts and bolts of Chinese business and bureaucracy to negotiating with your Chinese partners. It teaches how to understand Chinese markets, develop a strong business plan, find the right employees, work with currency controls and the Chinese banking system, and sell and source. It also provides the much-needed know-how on how to manage day to day, from travel tips and advice on converting money to getting past language barriers.

Although I liked this book and would highly recommend reading it, I have to admit that the book was a lot more elementary than I expected. I was expecting for more complex subjects to be addressed, and I would have loved to have seen some case studies from successful companies who are dominating the Chinese market. In addition, I wish the book talked more about how you can do business with China over the Internet as a buyer or supplier.

Regardless, its a must-read because it opens up your mind to see that there is a whole new world of consumers out there. China is expected to soon become the world's largest economy - bigger than the United States. Therefore, this is no market to ignore. It's very critical for all entrepreneurs to at least take a look at the potential business opportunities to pursue there.

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  1. This might be something that I need to tap into seeing that our company has just expanded into Asia. I have met some of our new people in that region through social networking sites. However, it is good to know and understand their culture. Thanks for posting.