Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Official: I've Opened An Office in The Philippines

I'm proud to announce that I have officially gone global! I have opened an office in downtown Manila, Philippines - the country's capital - for my newly formed subsidiary, Dante Lee International (DLI), which will house my newly acquired web property - I'm planning to re-launch the site as an online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and resource guide.

There are many dialects in the Philippines, but Tagalog is the official language spoken by over 100 million Filipinos worldwide. My goal is for the site to be the ultimate resource for everything pertaining to the Philippines - how to speak the national language, how to travel there, what attractions to see, where to stay, where to shop, how to interact with the people, etc.

I've traveled to many Asian countries including the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand, to research potential international business opportunities. I chose the Philippines for my first venture because I believe that this market has the strongest potential for economic growth within the next 5-10 years.

I'm planning for the new web site to go live by September 2011, and I hope I've inspired people. With 7 billion people worldwide and only 350 million in the United States, that means that 95% of all consumers on this planet live outside of the United States. It's time for entrepreneurs to start thinking outside the borders.

If you don't know anything about the Philippines, here's a brief synopsis:
The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is an archipelago of over 7,100 islands and has an estimated population of about 92 million people. As the world's 12th most populous country, this third world nation is currently undergoing major development and modernization from local and foreign investors.

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