Friday, June 20, 2008

Give Something Away For Free

As an entrepreneur, you must learn the power of the word "free". Whether you use it directly or indirectly, the word "free" should be a regular part of your promotional efforts. Here are some ways to do so:

1) Free Promos - When you are doing a booth at a conference or expo, don't just give away free literature about your company. It is imperative to also give away free promos - such as bags, pens, key chains, etc. The more creative your free promo is, the better. Make it memorable, and try to target the giveaway to match your audience.

2) Free Shipping - As you are selling products through your web site or over the phone, the best thing to give away for free is the shipping cost. Free shipping is a very powerful incentive. If this poses a threat to your profitability, then consider incorporating the shipping cost into the actual price of the product. So, shipping isn't really free - but you're marketing it as so.

Or consider offering free shipping only if the customer opts for the cheapest shipping option - usually media mail or parcel post. Studies show that offering a free shipping option can increase your sales conversions by as much as 75%.

3) Free Content - A great way to gain credibility and publicity that leads to more revenue, is to give away free content. This can be done by writing a resourceful e-book, and giving it away free. This will cost you absolutely nothing to do.

You can also distribute informational columns to newspapers, magazines, and blogs - allowing them to publish them for free. Sites like and are looking for free to content to syndicate to thousands of publications. This, in turn, will give readers access to your insight and expertise - making them more likely to become your client.

Giving things away for free is definitely an investment. However, this investment will prove to be worthwhile for your company in the long run. You will find that you will generate more sales, and better satisfy your customers. Even more, you will find that in these times of economic difficulties - you will be able to recruit new customers, who otherwise would have turned you down. Never underestimate the power of "free".


  1. Great advice! I'm already doing this!

  2. Absolutely great advice. I give a way a free introductory coaching session to all first time clients. I also have a free newsletter, a free ebook and I occasionally conduct a free workshop or teleclass. Free stuff is great!

    To your dynamic success and happy living!

  3. Awesome advice! I've found that when ever I give things away for free, I receive it back tenfold!