Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is Your Mind Fixed?

Is it your goal to one day own a 5-star hotel in downtown San Francisco on the water with a view of the Bay Bridge? Are you so stuck on that concept that you will reject other viable business opportunities that practically fall into your lap?

What would you do if the opportunity came along for you to own a 3-star hotel in a small town in Arkansas? Or a 3-star hotel in the Mojave desert? Or even a hotel in the blistering cold weather of Minnesota? Would you turn these down just because they don't fit what you originally had mind?

Many entrepreneurs would, in fact, turn it down. Their mind is fixed on a business plan with very detail-oriented specifics. "It has to be San Francisco," they would say. "And it has to be by downtown and on the water." However, like most people who have their minds fixed and put all their eggs in one basket - they will likely end up with nothing.

Never forfeit a prime opportunity just because you have something else in mind that better fits your aspirations. Reaching your business goals is about making sacrifices and building stepping stones. This may require you having to live in a less desirable area, and even pursuing a less desirable course.

Be realistic and learn quickly that your big goals will take time to reach, and you will get there by setting smaller goals. Attempting to skip to the end, will only leave you with nothing at all.

Remember how we all had to take classes that we didn't like in high school. However, after a short investment of time and energy, it all lead up to the big graduation day. Imagine trying to graduate high school without having attended any classes. You will not be successful.

Business is the same way. You have to "pay your dues" by making sacrifices. True entrepreneurs recognize this early on, and will be happy to do so. They know that, in time, they will reach their long-term goals. Until then, they also know that their passion for business will keep them motivated.

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