Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not All Lawyers Are Good Lawyers

Most people would agree that not all doctors are good doctors. Many complain about medical doctors who don't care about their patients, and who just randomly prescribe medicine.

Likewise, not all lawyers are good lawyers either. Many will put minimal effort into your case, and are really just out to get your money. I've heard countless experiences from entrepreneurs who have been misguided by lawyers and their so-called advice.

Remember that anyone can be a lawyer. All you have to do is pass the bar test. This, however, does not ensure that the person is actually good at practicing law - let alone, an honest person.

Here are some tips from the Microsoft Small Business Center:

1) Do some legwork. Simply put, don't let your fingers do the walking when it comes to tracking down competent legal advice. Ask your lawyer for a referral. Get references and do background checks. The more time you put into your search, the better your chances of getting a competent lawyer who's also suited to your business.

2) Be comfortable. Don't sign up unless you're completely comfortable with the fee arrangement and relationship. Make sure an attorney is worth what you're spending — agree only to a fee structure that suits you. Small-business owners are often asked to sign blank checks or retainer fees. Avoid doing this if at all possible.

3) Understand what an attorney is doing for you. The last thing you want is for a legal problem to bite you later because your lawyer neglected to file the documents with the right government department -- or, just as bad, did not let you know what the documents meant. To keep your relationship running smoothly, keep a written account of all interactions that you have with your attorney.

4) Insist on a good system of communication. Insist in advance on how and how often you should communicate. If you have to wait days or weeks to hear back from your lawyer, either you didn't relate your expectations well enough, or you have a lawyer too busy to take on your business. Give some thought to finding a new one as soon as you can.


  1. My Great Aunt Arabia used to say: Anything worth having is going to be a little work. The same holds true when conducting research for something as vital as a Lawyer. Your success depends upon it. The research methodology advised by Microsoft Small Business Center can be used for finding a good lawyer as well as finding out how to start an online business. With the internet being the information superhighway it is, anyone can easily be misconceived as being an expert, in any field. All it takes is for someone to throw up a really neat site, pay someone else to write really catchy articles, and call themselves an expert. Knowing what pertinent questions to ask, getting references, and understanding what is being offered is the key to getting a good doctor, lawyer, business, and ultimately success.

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