Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Trends To Watch

Entrepreneur Magazine just released their pick of the top trends to watch in 2009. The word "trend" is defined as a general direction in which something tends to move, a general line of orientation, and a general tendency to change.

In the business world, a trend is a consumer behavioral pattern that shapes how people think and how they spend money. With that in mind, try to implement these into your new or existing business plans for the new year:

1) Green
Decades in the making, this $209 billion market has its roots in everything from water to energy to food. Look especially to organics, clean energy, alternative fuels, and water reuse and reclamation services.

2) Economy
What goes up, must come down. Consumers are no longer trading up when making their purchase decisions, but rather trading down. Even more, people are very interested in bargains and discounts.

3) Health
Thanks to the web and aging boomers, we know more than ever about our health, especially what may harm it. Sectors from exercise to plastic surgery are open for the entrepreneurially inclined.

4) Millennials or Generation Y
Want to bridge the generational gap? It may take a little research, but you’ll find opportunities in marketing, web apps, social networking, and anything that promotes culture and community.

5) Boomers
Representing the biggest wealth transfer in history, these individualists started the green movement and are ready to cash in on the environment, health, financial planning, travel and everything in between.

6) Digital
The web holds endless opportunities for business pioneers, and almost everything you’ll ever do from here on out will somehow tie back to it.

7) Odds & Ends
The fact that cities are creating laws against trans fats and that companies are selling 100-calorie snack bags doesn’t take away from the popularity of bacon. Consider the Bacon of the Month Club and odd offerings like bacon mints.


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