Friday, January 30, 2009

iPhone Vs. Blackberry

Don't worry. This won't be a long blog. I'll get right to the point. Blackberry sucks. iPhone rules. Hands down.

Before you react, please understand that I have had both phones. I'm not speculating, and I'm not just repeating what I've heard. I am speaking first-hand.

Blackberry is like having an Atari (if you know what that is), and iPhone is like having a Playstation 3.

Blackberry is like having a go-kart, and iPhone is like having a Lamborghini.

Blackberry is like having a small black and white TV with three channels, and iPhone is like having a 60 inch flat screen HD plasma with 1,000 satellite channels.

Put simple, Blackberry sucks. I don't know what the big hype about it is, but there is nothing about the Blackberry that is worth any hype. I'm thinking maybe it was the best phone around, until the iPhone was released. I don't know; I can't say for sure.

But I can say this for sure: If you try the iPhone, you will never go back.

Oh and yes, it is well worth switching to AT&T Wireless. If your network doesn't work with the iPhone, you're with the wrong network.


  1. I like your very colorful comparisons! I am just wondering what the iPhone does that the Blackberry doesn't. I've never used either one. I have been using Treos/Centro for many years and I was considering switching to Blackberry.

  2. Quick, fast and on point - LOL

  3. Great and funny comparisons! I agree w/ you on all of them. Blackberry was the end all be all pre-iPhone it is still great for business use however iPhone is gaining more business users since the 2.0 OS release. In that release people on corporate Microsoft Exchange servers could use the iPhone as business device. iPhone lacks many features still for businesses but if you are a Apple fanboy (or girl) the device is more than enough to keep you happy. Not to mention there is no feature overload, one could argue that the lack of additional features like editing Word docs and forwarding text messages actually helps the user experience and stays true to what Apple is all about, making things simple and easy. Great post.

  4. This was the most bias opinion I had ever heard from you, Mr. Lee! Yet I have to admit it was both funny and perhaps true! Though I actually have a Blackberry, which I love I do do want to put my hands on an iPhone!

  5. What about the blackberry storm compared to the iphone?

  6. I was wondering about the Storm vs. iPhone cousin works for AT&T and highly recommends Storm! I have the iPhone and must admit that I am tired of it freezing up on me...and having to wait until it dies to unlock...tired of the screen not showing up until it's good and ready...and it is a very fragile earpiece...of all the tech forward phones I've ever owned...your thoughts about the Storm?

  7. One thing about the Blackberry, though: YOU CAN MAKE PHONE CALLS WITH IT.