Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't Oversimplify Business

Business is simple, but don't oversimplify it.

Whether you're planning to launch a company or already running one, always remember that it takes hard work and smart thinking to stay afloat.

Often I hear people say "all you have to do is...", but this is the wrong way to start a sentence when referencing how to build or manage a company. It's not about one or two steps, or some type of overnight solution. It's about patience and long-term diligence. It's about strategizing and blueprinting, and properly managing your resources.

Business is only simple in the sense that it can be defined in one statement: the exchange of currency for products and services.

However, business involves many components. There's advertising, public relations, sales, logistics, accounting, management, human resources, law, and more - and staying on top of all of these doesn't always ensure profitability.

Don't be mistaken: Simplicity does not mean that it's super easy.


  1. This is great advice, and a good poke in the ribs for those who may be lookng for a business shortcut to success.

  2. Thank you for this insight. I think this way, but often I don't reflect outwardly what I feel.