Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Solution For The Music Industry

I don't claim to be an expert on music, but I think I know why the music industry is at an all-time low. Because today's music sucks!

There are two types of music: Music that people tolerate, and music that people buy.

Music that people tolerate is music that people like to hear when driving and when at the clubs. They like the beat, and they'll dance to it - but they're not impressed enough to actually spend money on it. Obviously, this kind of music generates $0 dollars in revenue.

Music that people actually buy is... well, music that people buy. They love they lyrics, they love the beat - and they are motivated to spend money for it.

Unfortunately, most of today's music is just music that people tolerate.

I find it very interesting that Michael Jackson sold 1.2 million albums within a two-week period after his death, but there are tons of well-known artists who haven't sold that many records all year.

For instance, out of an estimated 50 million people who listen to hip-hop and R&B - only 500,000 have bought Keyshia Cole's most recent CD - which has been out for 29 weeks. That's less than 1% of her potential audience.

Other popular artists who get tons of airplay, but haven't yet sold 1 million units this year are: Keri Hilson, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, The Dream, Anthony Hamilton, T-Pain, Mary Mary, and many others.

I'm thinking this: If you want to increase sales, stop making music that people tolerate - and start making music that people will buy.


  1. Ha ha ha! Lee, you're no expert but you seem to have the insight that the music business don't have!

  2. As always Dante and interesting thought on the idea...I even tolerated Soulja Boy's hit "What's Up" enough to spend 99 cents.

  3. good for u Brother...yeah they suck and 99% of them can't sing, they have no range, they are monotone or music executives are tone deaf!

  4. On Point!!!!

  5. Ain't that the truth!!