Thursday, November 12, 2009

$25 Discount At

My service, which extensively distributes press releases to the African American media, is now offering a $25 discount until November 19th.

The service is an excellent way to get your press release sent to every Black newspaper, magazine, TV and radio station in the country - nearly 1,000 news outlets. This includes distribution to over 40,000 journalists and bloggers.

The base price is usually $150, but it's only $125 for the next week or so.

For $50 more, your press release will be placed on as an article. For another $50, your press release will be search engine optimized and mentioned to our 9,000+ Twitter followers.

Hands down, the service works! Over the past 10 years, we've helped over 800 clients and have distributed over 10,000 press releases.

For more details, visit:

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  1. That is a great offer -- I will definitely spread the word with colleagues.