Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Does Google, Kleenex, and Xerox Have In Common?

These three companies have something very unique in common. Not only are they internationally recognized brands, but many people use their brands as if they are words in the dictionary. They have literally transcended these brands into actual verbs and nouns.

For instance, people will say "I Googled you" - even if they searched for you on Yahoo. They will ask "Can you Xerox this for me?" - even if the copy machine is not made by Xerox. And they'll refer to any type of tissue as "Kleenex", whether it's really made by Kleenex or not.

How does this happen? It's simple. These companies, for years, have run intensive branding campaigns.

Branding, when done consistently, can be very effective in getting people to remember your company - and in some cases even transform it into a part of their language.

Whether your company is small or large, a branding campaign is very, very critical. Every single day, you should be doing something to actively contribute to your branding efforts.

There are many ways to do this via banner advertising, email advertising, search engine advertising, social media tools, PR tools, and more.

Small businesses can also take advantage of offline methods such as advertising on billboards, on benches, on the radio, on local television, in magazines and newspapers, in telephone books and even on the back of grocery store receipts. These options can be very affordable.

Whatever and however you do it, just remember to explore more than one option at the same time, and be consistent with it.


  1. Branding is a powerful tool. It takes time but once people know your brand nothing can stop the momentum. I would love to hear people tell other that they need some "Payneless Advice." It may take a while but maybe one day. Great post, very informative.

  2. Well said my friend, well said. Consistency!

    Even the best sport players realize this, persistence makes perfection or the perfect brand pitch!