Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How To Be Featured in Black Enterprise Magazine

If you are an entrepreneur, you have already met the first qualification to be featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and other business publications. But there's more work involved!

Here are three tips:

1) Distribute Press Releases With A "Personal" Angle.
To increase your chances of being featured in Black Enterprise, it's best to be a well-respected and well-known business owner amongst the local and/or national media. A great way to accomplish this is to regularly send out press releases about yourself as a part of a consistent personal branding effort.

The press releases should focus on recent and upcoming developments, with an angle that predominantly highlights you as the principal of the company. For instance, if you win an award, are speaking at a function, or have an upcoming appearance on television - these would be appropriate angles.

2) Distribute Press Releases With A "Company" Angle.
This is virtually the same as tip #1, except with these press releases - you will want to focus on recent and upcoming developments that highlight your company as a whole. For instance, if your company just signed on a new client, just moved into a new office, or just launched a new service - these would be appropriate angles.

3) Write and Distribute Columns.
Very different from a press release, a column (or an editorial) is written in 1st person and represents your opinion and views on a particular subject. To get business publications such as Black Enterprise to notice you, you should regularly write and distribute columns to the media about business, entrepreneurship, and/or economic development. You can offer free business advice, or even just provide colorful commentary on a relevant issue.

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  1. I really need to work on this little concept. I have had my articles in print in different magazines and newspapers but I have yet to create a press release that I can distribute to various magazines with a "Company angle."
    Thanks for information, it is most appreciated.

  2. I guess that this is where I find my weakness in releasing press releases, where an d who do I actually send them to. how do I sound important on paper where I'd become notice to promote myself? and who's do I attempt to catch